For the month of December, our students will be learning all about managing emotions! Students who are able to identify what they are feeling tend to flourish socially and emotionally.

Part of managing our emotions is recognizing physical clues that our bodies give us such as a fast heartbeat, a stomachache, or feeling restless in order to identify our emotions.

It is so important that students are able to tune into these physical clues in order to recognize distressing emotions that may require some emotional management. While it’s important that students are able to recognize when they are feeling mad and need to calm down, it’s important that they also understand internalized emotions such as sadness and worry so that they may employ emotion-management skills.

Our teachers and staff will be working hard to help students learn how to recognize their emotions and implement calm down strategies, but it’s equally as important that parents help their students with this as well!

As a parent, you could work on helping your student identify what they are feeling. For example, when you can tell that your child is becoming anxious or sad, have them name the feeling rather than show it. You could say, “I can see that you are feeling sad. Say, I’m sad.”  Giving the emotion a name is important to helping our children recognize how to calm down.

Some calm down strategies we suggest using include: saying, “stop” take a minute to calm down by deep breathing (belly breathing). It is important that when using breathing to calm down that the student is able to feel their belly move (placing hands on belly make this easy), breathe in through their nose and out through their mouth.

Let’s all work together to ensure that our students can be successful in managing their emotions this month! :)

Happy Holidays!

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Individual Student Issues • Concerns about Mood • Stress/Worry

Please contact Mrs. Welch at 801-737-8105 if you wish for your student to receive counseling or therapy services beyond what is provided in the classroom.

Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Training

Prevent Child Abuse Utah, a non-profit organization has been approved by the Utah Board of Education for parents and adults working with youth as mandated in HB 286 to provide a Sexual Abuse Awareness and Prevention Training Program to parents of elementary students.

PCAU HB 286 Utah Child Abuse Online Prevention Training Instructions

Click Link:

1. Select Register

2. Complete Registration

3. Parents/Caregivers select I am a Parent of a Student from the registration drop down box in order to access the parent course

3. Click Register Button

4. Click Launch Course

5. There will be a Certificate of Completion issued at the end of the course that the user can print or download as a PDF.

Mrs. Welch

Katelyn Welch

Katelyn Welch


Parents and/or guardians can contact Mrs. Welch at 801-737-8105 or by email. See link above.


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