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Principal BukeyNOV 2021



Happy end of first quarter New Bridge families!

We hope this first quarter has been as invigorating for you as it has been for us. It's been delightful to partner with you and your child as we've focused on our school success plan and the 21-22 theme of "Knights Rising Higher." I see this happening day in and out in so many ways throughout our school and community! Please click on this link to watch some highlights from our first quarter of teacher development, student learning, and fall activities!

Our teachers and staff have embraced our school goals and are working hard in our goal areas of:

  • Improving literacy instruction and student achievement in all literacy areas
  • Supporting all students and staff with social-emotional and behavioral needs
  • Increasing student learning through teacher observation and feedback
  • Requalifying for our Utah STEM Platinum status
  • Delivering high quality differentiated instruction for all students, especially our multi-language learners and students with disabilities

This year, New Bridge educators have adopted this quote from Charles Ketterling, an American inventor, engineer, and businessman who invented the electric starter and unleaded gasoline, and who holds 186 patents! He said,

“High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation.”

We believe this to be true and are holding high expectations of ourselves, our students, and our community in supporting student success. Thank you for your continued dedication to your child's education and to New Bridge School! As always, please reach out to your child's teacher or to our administrative staff if you have any questions.

Let's kick off this second quarter with renewed committment to engage ourselves in giving our children the best year ever!


Principal Bukey

New Bridge School

New Bridge 21-22 1st Quarter

First LEGO League

Read Across America Kick Off

Third Grade Engineering Design Challenge 

New Bridge Mission

New Bridge School will maximize collaboration with parents and the community to create a safe, empowering, and innovative environment for learning and ensure all students achieve academic excellence through relevant learning in literacy-based Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and beyond to become college, career, and community-ready.

New Bridge Vision

New Bridge school represents a group of diverse communities and industries that are united in preparing students to excel as confident leaders and innovators in the 21st Century by leveraging data-driven instruction focused on literacy skills, problem solving opportunities, and STEM applications. 


New Bridge Anthem

We are the New Bridge Knights.
We know our future's bright.
We study science, engineering and math.
We love to innovate and to investigate.
We are the future of this land.
We're grand!

Noble Knight Pledge

I am a New Bridge Noble Knight. Today I pledge to be a respectful, responsible, and safe learner. I will be an example of scholarship, leadership, & moral excellence!